Yoga and meditation are a gift of India to the world. This 5,000 year old discipline has its intrinsic roots in India and is a part of the country’s illustrious heritage. Practiced and taught for hundreds of years, this ancient wellness discipline unites the physical energy of the body through postures or asanas with the psychic energy through meditation and breath control. Together this hearty combination of yoga and meditation brings harmony and well-being to the existence. Originated and practiced continuously by yogis and saints, this ancient bioscience still has prominence in the modern world. In the times when our minds and bodies are fighting the stress of each kind, yoga and meditation come as a great rescue. They both relieve the mind and body of the physical and psychological stress, prepares us to face them and gain the benefit of holistic life.

The credit of systematizing yoga and meditation goes to Sage Patanjali, who compiled the best of the disciplines 2,000 years ago and wrote Yoga Sutra. In this, he has recommended 8 stages of yoga discipline for the attainment of physical, mental and spiritual health. When all the wellness techniques, postures, asanas and healing culminate into one form, Yoga comes into being. A discipline to attain spiritual insight and harmony in life, yoga is a holistic philosophy applied for the peaceful coexistence of mind, body and spirit. The benefits of yoga are tremendous. It is good for increasing muscle strength, flexibility and stamina of the physical self. It can even help in reducing weight and keep the body in shape by burning the surplus fat of the body. It also helps stimulate the immunity of the body and keeps it free from diseases. The exercise also helps improving good blood circulation in the body and keeps the health in check.

Yoga also keeps the brain healthy. With the use of breathing exercises or Pranayama and meditation, this discipline enhances the self esteem, confidence, concentration power, creativity and lessens worries. Overall benefits provide relaxation and relief from anxieties. This global inclination towards Yoga is also pulling the world towards India for Yoga and Meditation tours. The country forms an ideal base to learn authentic yoga postures and techniques through workshops and tours. India Yoga tours provide a holistic experience combining yoga, meditation and travel together for a soothing and rejuvenating experience find the important self. During such tours, the tourists travel to the destinations famous for yoga and meditation retreats where they can stay for a desired period of time. There they relieve their bodies and minds of unwanted stress and relive the true potentials of revitalized existence. Daily yoga sessions within the morning and noon form the prominent highlights of yoga and meditation tours in India. So get ready to revive yourself with travel and a Yoga and Meditation holiday in India by Intra Holidays. You will be refreshed and rejuvenated within the beautiful environs of nature within no time and knowledge your spirituality like never before.