Intra Holidays is one of the leading travel agencies based in Kerala having great experience in designing educational tour packages for both School & College Students. We understand that taking Student Tours are incredible chances to give Student life changes and need careful preparation. Unlike usual vacation packages, Student Study Tours have to be carried out seamlessly to make sure that Students benefit from these trips. 

With over a decade working in the tourism industry, Intra Holidays is one of the leading Travel Companies specializing in tailor-made Educational Tours and field trips for both College & School Students. As for the educational aspect of the tour, we not only cater to the student’s requirements as per their academic curriculum, but also take their teachers needs into consideration when an itinerary is proposed to higher authorities. 

Due to the quality of service we have provided, we are rapidly growing in the educational travel domain, and our custom-made itineraries have been experienced by a lot of Educational Institutions so far through which thousands of students have travelled. With a passionate team handling the company, our brand name tied to your esteemed Institution, be it a School or College, assures a certain quality of service and professionalism. We promise to deliver the same if given an opportunity is offered. 

Intra Holidays have comprehensive tours designed especially for School students that not only fills them with joy of happiness, but also teach them important life skills. We highly focus on on-trip safety and security – we organise pre-trip briefing sessions for students, teachers and parents, if need be, to explain all aspects of the tour in advance, e.g., Live GPS tracking, medical coverage, organisers trained in first aid and basic life support etc.

Intra Holidays plans School & College Tours which includes:

  • Industrial & Company Visit –To get the knowledge “How it was made?” & “How it works?”
  • Management Institutes – To be better informed about the institute of learning that will guide your future course.
  • Museum Visit – To know our ancient history and culture.
  • Historical Places – To learn about the architecture, cultural heritage and our ancient civilization.
  • Science Park Visit – To learn about the science facts.
  • Planetarium Visit – To understand about our universe and astronomy.
  • Zoo & National Park Visit – To learn about the different variety of animals and birds.
  • Amusement Park – For refreshing the mind of the students.
  • Adventure – Activities & Experiences such as River Rafting, Paragliding, Trekking, Boat Cruises (Sea/River), Camping, Mountaineering, Snow Skating, Rappelling etc. are arranged so that the academic pressure of the students are kept aside and they can explore nature to the fullest to improve their Physical & Mental health in a controlled environment where all safety measures are taken.
  • Entertainment – Games, Puzzles, Team Building Exercises, Teasers, Movie Screening, DJ Night, Pool Party, DJ Nite, Campfire with Music etc. are arranged for the entertainment and enjoyment of the students. 
  • Accommodation, Food & Transportation – Intra Holidays provides only Star Classified Accommodation, Unlimited Buffet Food & Vehicles used for transportation are well equipped with all modern facilities.


WE Intra Holidays are passionate about travel
WE Intra Holidays try to exceed your expectations
WE Intra Holidays try to Innovate and aim to be Unique
WE Intra Holidays Strive to Travel Responsibly
WE Intra Holidays are with you every Step of the Journey
WE Intra Holidays take our ethical and social responsibilities seriously
WE Intra Holidays are environmentally responsible